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PageGroup M&E, Security and Cleaning

Engineering Salisbury Group

PageGroup M&E, Security and Cleaning

Contract name
Contract duration
3 years
Property type
Modern office
Occupancy number

Services provided

  • Compliance
  • Hard FM
  • Soft FM
  • Daily office cleaning
  • Housekeeping
  • M&E
  • Security

Description of the solution

Salisbury Group delivers TFM services to PageGroup, a leading recruitment and professional services company.

We deliver an integrated management and delivery structure, which aligns to our client's cultural and operational requirements. This results in a proactive and excellent partnership with PageGroup management at senior and local level.

Benefits to the client

  • Guaranteed compliance

  • Greater definition and effectiveness of cleaning regime

  • Projects managed and delivered by in-house teams

  • Use of CAFM system to deliver enhanced management information and assist planning of asset replacement