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Cleaning Services

Salisbury Group Cleaning

Cleaning Services

A process engineered approach to cleaning services - maximum efficiency and the cleanest environments

We see cleaning service as more than just a clean desk, vacuumed carpet of buffed floor - we believe that the cleanliness of your site has a direct impact on the happiness and productivity of your workforce and the view that your clients have of your business.

Our approach to cleaning service is based on delivering a true value for money experience that delivers service excellence whilst meeting budgetary requirement.

Salisbury have outstanding pedigree in managing and delivering cleaning services to high risk and business critical environments. Included in this are our contracts with Fortress Investment Group’s European head office in London, a leading UK insurer and our national TFM contract with the HMRC (delivered in large sites located in main UK cities: London, Liverpool, Manchester, Glasgow, Birmingham, Leeds).

Meeting your needs

Through a process engineered approach, where any standard of cleaning specification will be met; we are able to achieve outstanding standards of cleanliness.

This includes delivering high calibre Daily Office Clean (DOC), retail, manufacturing, janitorial and site cleaning.

Process engineering also ensures that we are able to deliver cleaning in a scientific manner where changing requirements can be accommodated with no cost increase and very often with a cost decrease.

Overseeing and improving

Our management team will audit every clean, meaning that our teams meet your expectation at all times and continuous improvement is delivered as a reality.

We train our staff to the highest standards and work with leading equipment and chemical suppliers to ensure that our team deliver the very best work environment to your buildings.

Please contact us for a more information about our cleaning services.