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HSE at Euston Tower

Compliance Case Study

HSE at Euston Tower

Contract name
Contract duration
20 years
Property type
Occupancy number
3 500

Services provided

  • Health and Safety Audits
  • Asbestos Management
  • Fire Risk Assessments

Description of the solution

Euston Tower is a large 1970's office block consisting of 36 floors located in northern central London. Proximity to main train stations as well as multitenant characteristic make Euston Tower a frequently visited site. On average over 3000 employees and up to 1500 visitors a day. Largest tenants include HMRC (11 floors) and WS Atkins (10 floors).

HSE challenges

  1. Joined up communication between office tenants, retailers, service partners, FM provider, leaseholder and landlord.
  2. Old Plant, old building, 6 years of 20-year lease remaining.
  3. Contractor Management – Key Service Partners, but also tenant contractors.
  4. The volume of statutory reports, remedials and reactive H&S works – a staff structure to ensure these are carried out.
  5. Fire Evacuation – 3,000 people over 36 floors, into a busy public square below.
  6. The Unexpected – Visitor Management and Access Control – Security Arrangements.
  7. Implementing change in such a large building.
  8. Asbestos is throughout the building – cable contractors.
  9. False alarms and bell-tests.
  10. Cooling Towers and roof-top plant.

How H&S and FM Integration formed

In late 2014, we changed many aspects of the FM operation at Euston Tower – bringing parties together:

  • An initial Risk Management meeting was arranged between the leaseholders, the FM provider, and the M&E/Building Fabric service provider,
  • Joint Leadership in action – not words: Salisbury Ops Director, QSHEC Director, landlord's Head of H&S, landlord's Project Manager all attended meetings each month,
  • A site-specific Risk Register was created – all the concerns, the issues, the potential higher risks were discussed and prioritised with existing controls and agreed actions,
  • Organisational change in FM structure at Euston Tower, adjusted Contractor Management,
  • Statutory Compliance and Action Management were reviewed weekly,
  • Salisbury took on direct delivery of Security and Front of House services from a large multi-national security firm from Feb 2015,
  • Head lease-holder financed a number of lifecycle replacement projects, a fire-engineered risk assessment and fire strategy assessment to ensure the effective evacuation.

A Blueprint for creating safe and healthier FM


Leadership and People

  • Start with people – the right people around the table, making the right decisions, at the right time
  • Leading through action and accountability – blame vs. getting the job done
  • Continue with people – stakeholder engagement – through effective tenant meetings, non-email comms, holistic approach to FM
  • Competent team – the right team, right attitude, working with M&E, landlords, leaseholders, tenants and neighbours

Site Specific Risk Register

  • Create Simple but Effective Risk Registers for your sites
  • Track key risks identified through monthly risk meetings
  • Severity vs Liklehood = Rating
  • Action Management assigned
  • Review monthly and re-score

Contractor Management

  • Improved Planning, Access Control, PTW is proportionate to risk
  • Projects are a building project, not a ‘tenant’ project from pre-start to completion – CDM 2015

Next steps

  • Continue and improve relationships further with all stakeholders
  • Empower the teams at Euston Tower – FM, Security, M&E, tenant reps, property teams
  • Maintain the Risk Register
  • Incorporate CDM 2015 into the current M&E and Projects service agreements
  • Agree the longer term Euston Tower position with landlords