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Security Services at Castle Meadow

Security at Castle Meadow - Salisbury Group

Security Services at Castle Meadow

Contract name
Contract duration
20 years
Property type
Modern office campus
Occupancy number
1 800

Services provided

  • 24/7 manned guarding and access
  • Reception
  • CCTV
  • Vehicle control
  • Car hire management
  • Security risk assessments
  • Compliance

Description of the solution

Salisbury Group is responsible for the protection of people, property and assets through the maintenance of safe and secure environments for 1800 employees and visitors on a daily basis.

In addition to the more traditional security responsibilities, we also contribute towards the functional management of the campus through duties such as conference organisation and administration, first response medical assistance, hire car management and switchboard management.

Additionally, our accounts management team work in partnership with the client and their personnel to identify the fluctuating business needs, risks and threats to reposition the delivery methods to ensure every activity is both effective and efficient. This is achieved through a programme of ongoing security risk assessments to analyse the threat to the site.

Benefits to the client

  • A flexible and optimised security service that truly protects people and property.

  • Risk management process ensures the mitigation of an evolving range of risks and threats.