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Engineering Services at Custom House

Custom House, London

Engineering Services at Custom House

Contract name
Contract duration
20 years
Property type
Grade I listed building
Occupancy number

Services provided

  • Planned Protective Maintenance
  • Listed building maintenance

Description of the solution

Built in the early 19th century Custom House is now a central site used by Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC).

Salisbury Group balances the requirements of a listed building with the operational requirements of the client.
Services are delivered to comply with restrictions associated with a Grade I listed building whilst still delivering an innovative and fresh approach to our client.

We have a detailed maintenance programme for Custom House, based around a robust PPM regime, agreed reactive time scales and joint auditing to verify the quality of our services. We regularly review this programme in partnership with HMRC to ensure that it remains current and continues to operate with optimum efficiency.

We also work closely with local authorities to ensure that all and any building repairs or asset replacement is delivered in line with Grade I listed specifications.

We have also implemented an energy management initiative for the building which will deliver energy savings in excess of 50% per annum by 2020.

Benefits to the client

  • SFG20 maintenance regime for all assets, ensuring that assets are maintained to the highest standards with full regulatory compliance.

  • On-going energy improvements, ensuring reducing energy usage and spend over the next 4 years.

  • First fix on time reactive regime to ensure the integrity of the building and assets at all times.