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Energy Solutions, Case Study

Bowback House, Milton Keynes

Energy Solutions, Case Study

Contract duration
20 years
Property type
Modern office block
Occupancy number

Services provided

  • Energy audit
  • Solar film
  • Smart meters
  • Multiple LED lighting replacements
  • Energy bureau
  • Energy monitoring and analysis
  • Measurement and verification
  • Financial modelling
  • Board presentation
  • Bill validation
  • Financing
  • Delivery and commissioning

Description of the solution

Site Details

  • Building use: Commercial office space
  • Average run time: 12 hours per day (07:00-19:00). No activity assumed on weekends
  • Approximate floor area: 6,383 sqf
  • Number of floors: 1, third floor
  • Employees: 35
  • Capacity: 60

Key Features

  • 500+ number of LED lamps using main product item
  • LED performance colour temperature of 4,000K
  • Lux levels raised from 2-300 to 3-400
  • Average life expectancy of 50,000 hours
  • Lamps supplied directly to Salisbury by Philips

Salisbury Group recently implemented an initiative designed to ensure its office locations incorporated a comprehensive review of energy reductions and monitoring.

The dedicated specialist team oversaw the specification of lighting, solar film and smart meter installation. The initiative included a review and upgrade of the lighting to the rest of the estate.

The effective lighting design combined with the solar film installation improved the overall office environment, staff experience and has improved productivity. There was also the benefit of greater lifecycle – meaning fewer failures and a lower number of maintenance call-outs – as well as significantly lower energy consumption. The equipment solutions deployed were from leading UK and European based manufacturers such as Philips.

Subsequent results having monitored via the smart meters indicated that average savings were a remarkable 39% during the first year after the refit was completed. It was therefore a fairly straightforward decision to make to retrofit the building infrastructure.

The programme of retrofitting further sites will save between 30% and 60% on lighting expenses, representing significant ROI potential.


Benefits to the client

  • One stop shop solution

  • Project outsourced

  • Operating expense savings

  • Bottom line impact

  • Increased asset value

  • Enhanced risk management

  • Hedge against energy price inflation

  • Efficient procurement

  • Detailed asset lists

  • Updated ageing buildings infrastructure

  • Funded solution

  • Improves economic competitiveness and overall productivity

  • Compliance

  • Sustainability – CSR, carbon reductions, PR