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Customer service & business continuity

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Customer service & business continuity

Contract name
Mapeley STEPS Contractor Limited
Property type
Multi-tenanted office
Occupancy number

Description of the solution

Salisbury Group delivers a full range of FM services to Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC) and several other government bodies, including the Valuation Office Agency.

One of the facilities at which we provide services is in Shipley, Yorkshire. In particular, we provide 24-hour support for critical operations at HMRC’s data centre at the site. This highly critical site stores data relating to financial transactions in excess of £20bn per year.

In December 2015, the River Aire overflowed. This caused widespread flooding damage to the Shipley site, including the basement plant room and data centre. We invoked our site business continuity plan, rerouted to secondary facilities, switched off all power, suspended maintenance duties, and developed a joint action plan to remove the flood water.

Within 24 hours, our client had been fully relocated to various alternative sites. Our quick reaction meant that the integrity of critical data was protected and potential life-threatening situations were avoided. This was a real-life test of our business continuity and disaster recovery processes, which were seen to be highly effective.

Benefits to the client

  • Immediate customer service response to the emergency

  • Efficient and effective incident management through strong planning

  • Ongoing communication and support to all key stakeholders

  • Post-incident reviews to further strengthen business resilience

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