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Cleaning Services

Salisbury Group Cleaning

Cleaning Services

At Salisbury Group, we know that the cleanliness of your facilities has a direct impact on the customer viewpoint and the happiness and productivity of your workforce. Cleaning is a highly visible service that can have a significant impact on an individual’s experience inside a facility or building. It is often used as a measure of how a company is perceived more widely, which is of particular importance to those organisations with a visible public presence.

Our approach to cleaning is based on delivering a true value for money service that delivers high quality while meeting your budgetary requirements. Our people are trained in multiple cleaning disciplines and are always polite, considerate and professionally dressed in branded uniforms.

Salisbury Group plans and delivers comprehensive cleaning regimes for a range of clients and facilities – from modern headquarters to local offices and multi-tenanted buildings.

For each client, we develop bespoke schedules, specifications, method statements and risk assessments. Our regimes adhere to acknowledged industry best practice, such as the colour coding system set by the British Institute for Cleaning Science. We take a process engineered approach, where any standard or cleaning specification will be met with outstanding standards that are regularly audited for full compliance.

Salisbury’s cleaning capabilities include:

  • Routine planned cleaning
  • Reactive cleaning
  • Periodic cleaning
  • Special request cleaning
  • Janitorial services
  • Feminine hygiene and associated services
  • Waste removal to storage and collection points

Key statistics

  • 7 day cleaning service
  • 100 strong mobile cleaning workforce

Please contact us for a more information about our cleaning services.

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