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Compliance Services

Salisbury Group Compliance Services

Compliance Services

Salisbury Group delivers compliance management and monitoring services up and down the country. Our solutions ensure that critical plant, assets and facilities are consistently maintained to the right statutory and industry standards. We guarantee the necessary compliance to meet all legal, regulatory and insurance requirements. For our existing clients, we routinely achieve 100% statutory compliance.

We offer total assurance over the compliance of your estate. Our regimes are developed in line with relevant legislation and applicable standards, including SFG20 recommendations, CIBSE guidelines, British Standards, the British Institute of Cleaning Science, the Security Industry Authority and manufacturer guidance.

We work with each client to discuss the scope of the work or audit and ensure that they achieve the desired deliverables, relating to safety, compliance or assurance. We take into account the size of the organisation, the particular standards or areas of compliance and the types of activities delivered on site.

We are accredited to OHSAS 18001, ISO 14001 and ISO 9001, as well as various other independent standards and industry bodies. Our compliance team is passionate about checking and maintaining uncompromising quality and service, so you can be assured over the ongoing compliance and safety of your people and your estate.

The range of compliance services we can provide include:

  • Health and safety and technical audits
  • Occupational health and safety system management
  • Provision of competent persons
  • Portable appliance testing (PAT)
  • Asbestos assessment and management
  • Legionella assessment and management
  • Water safety analysis, hygiene and treatment
  • Air quality monitoring and assessment
  • Construction safety and CDM
  • Fire risk assessment and management
  • Pest control

Key statistics

  • 1,000 sites
  • 100% statutory maintenance
  • 2 awards in 2018

Please contact us for a more information about our solutions.

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