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Energy Solutions

Salisbury Group Energy Services

Energy Solutions

Salisbury Group specialises in assisting public and private sector clients to transform their energy usage. We implement process improvements on behalf of our clients to improve building comfort, while at the same time lowering operating costs.

Our energy capabilities include:

  • New energy systems, including smart energy and LED lighting
  • Energy efficiency plans and energy supply management
  • Energy infrastructure management
  • Client information portals (monitoring, measuring and reporting)
  • Project financing
  • Renewable energy initiatives
  • Compliance and regulation assurance
  • Infrastructure projects

We developed our energy offering by leveraging our in-depth understanding of how commercial buildings work from a service user perspective. This provides us with a unique perspective on how and why energy is used and often wasted in large facilities.

Salisbury Group can design, install, maintain, retrofit and guarantee equipment via a best-in-class supply chain. By not using a single supplier, we propose various options to our clients to resolve their energy problems. All options are benchmarked to ensure the best possible value is delivered for the client. Upon implementation, we integrate and validate the savings we provide through our dedicated energy bureau service.

Salisbury’s track record, in-house expertise and supply chain partners enable our clients to:

  • Save significant amounts of money
  • Reduce energy usage, carbon emissions and water wastage
  • Secure competitive pricing for utilities and ensure rates are applied in a fair and accurate way
  • Be more environmentally responsible
  • Develop a good reputation that makes their people, shareholders and customers proud

Key statistics

  • 2,500 tonnes reduction in carbon dioxide emissions
  • 5,000 LED lights installed every year

Please contact us for a more information about our Energy Management solutions.

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