Supporting NaCTSO to ‘Remove, Remove, Remove’

Salisbury Security Services has once again shown its commitment to supporting UK civil authorities by fully embracing the National Counter Terrorism Security Office (NaCTSO) CROWDED PLACES GUIDANCE. This has been written to help those charged with security at crowded places to mitigate threats and help people to be vulnerable to an attack.

We have purchased bespoke Remove, Remove, Remove kits and placed them at strategic sites in major cities. The kits are designed to support first responders by helping them to take early action against hazardous substances and prevent damage to the people and areas affected.

Salisbury Group Security
Salisbury Group Security team, central London

We know that our security personnel may be the first responders to an incident where someone has been exposed to a dangerous substance, so we have trained our security staff members on how to use the kits and the full NaCTSO advice.

This is an issue of growing importance because over the last 12 months the UK has seen an increase in hazardous and corrosive crime attacks – with various so-called “acid attacks” occurring. In response to this, NaCTSO has published both Remove Guidance and updated the Crowded Places Guidance. The advice is closely aligned to guidance for the emergency services and provides simple, consistent advice on early actions to take following an acid attack or suspected deliberate or accidental exposure to a hazardous substance.

Salisbury is now implementing the guidance with kits at our major city sites – the latest example of our commitment to supporting the good work of the civil authorities and emergency services; and helping them to protect the general public from harm.